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Client kindness

Kind words from incredible clients…

“This is the best copywriting experience you’ll ever gain for creating the foundations of a successful brand.

I’d tried heaps of copywriters and wasted lots of precious time trying to come up with a formula to express what my brand was about. I was feeling uninspired about starting my brand until Nicky was recommended to me by a friend, and wow, what a turnaround it was. Not only for where the brand was going but even for myself.

It was a total joy working with such an inspiring, visionary and supportive person as Nicky is. I was once again bouncing with creative ideas that we were both getting excited about.

I was totally crushing on all the copy that was being created, which had never happened before. He found the brands own unique voice and set an incredible tone for it to grow.

Nicky not only helped me find my brands story and voice—he gave me invaluable insights into creating a successful brand to be proud of.”


- Marianne Grantham, Founder of Elaio

“I worked with Nick on several pieces on Stress and Anxiety for Mailbird's content strategy.

Nick was great in having an open discussion with me and my content team on what we wanted, how we wanted it delivered and how to promote the content. He delivered, great communication and hit every deadline for the articles based on our publishing schedule. Nick took the time to really research and took the diligence to read, review, read, review until the article was perfect and fit with our vision for this content project on helping small teams with stress and anxiety management at work.

The articles performed amazing for us out of any other past articles we had written internally. All of Nick's articles gave us the most traffic we've ever seen on the Mailbird blog. His pieces were shared the most. They were well written and engaging. I would definitely recommend working with Nick for anyone looking for great content and someone who can deliver on time and what you ask. He is passionate about what he does, and you can tell that in his writing and delivery.”


- Andrea Loubier, CEO, MailBird

 “Nick helped me with ad copy for a Facebook campaign that I ran for one of my SaaS clients recently. The ad campaign was successful and I attribute a big part of that to all the creative work that happened behind the scenes with Nick. He's a talented copywriter who sets clear expectations and follows a structured process. I felt like he really took the time to understand what I needed to accomplish in order to help my client succeed.”


- Mark Bardi, Founder of Whale Bay

“I have been a big fan of Nicky’s copy for more than a year now. As a major in linguistics and intercultural communication, I admire his raw and authentic style. The stuff Nicky creates for our blog is absolutely what we need. He feels the audience, what they need, and creates the most captivating, inspiring and educational articles. He gives everyone food for thought. Absolutely love it!”


- Dinara, Director, Dojo Bali

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