— Connecting you with your customer through story


Connecting you with your customers through story.


Welcome to The Crispy Copy Shop!

We write copy that doesn’t suck.

While words create the story—the story creates the connection. At crispy copy, we assemble words to form beautiful stories that connect you to your customer.

Let’s be honest: Writing words can be a pain in the ass. That pain becomes chronic when writing to sell your own products or services.

Not to mention conducting the required research to ensure you’re writing the right words—especially when you have a million other tasks to take care of.

You’re busy and you’re humble. We get it. You also have a fantastic product that can help a lot of people.

That’s why we’re here: to help get the words out while easing your frustration and pain.

Crispy Copy uses a proven framework to craft a story—one that will increase engagement today and serve as your starting point for all future communications.

The results?

Increased loyalty, word of mouth, sales, and longevity.

At crispy copy, we simplify everything because a confused customer is a lost customer.

No confusion. No jargon. No ego.

All words will be meaningful, relatable, clear, and compelling.

Whatever your copy woes are, they can be laid to rest today.

The question remains: are you looking to grow your business exponentially through words and story?

If so, simply fill out the form, and we'll be in touch to organize a free consultation…